"The Secret Life of…" (Writing Excerpt)

Sitting in the back corner in the computer lab, I am trying to focus on my English assignment. It seems, as though, it is nearly impossible due to lack of sleep and the obnoxious sounds that being produced by my classmates. Seeing that my English assignment wasn’t going to happen during that class period I decided turn my computer off because I didn’t want to sit there staring at the screen in frustration, it wasn’t worth it. My attention turned to the window looking out into the winter wonderland outside where gusts of wind lifted the snow making it look like clouds, almost as if I were flying around them… Soaring above the city of London at night was breathtaking. Surprisingly, flying felt almost as normal as walking even though I was a first time flyer. I looked to my left to see a boy who was a frequent flyer, in fact, he flew around more than he walked, but that wasn’t shocking since he was Peter Pan. Just soaring around with him was magical enough, but he taking me to a mystical land where adventure awaited around every corner, creatures that I only thought lived in storybooks existed there, and worrying about tomorrow isn’t even a thing because you live in the moment and never grow up. It was dawn and we drew near the second star to the right. Excitement bubbled up in my veins as we approached the star that would take us to Never Never Land. Peter grasped my hand just before what seemed like plunging into a pool of water. At first I thought we were floating in a sea of stars, but then I realized it was a reflection of the sky and we were actually floating in an ocean. I felt warmth take over body and a strong light hit me and filled me with happiness. I looked up and saw that it was morning in Never Never Land… A huge gust of wind struck against the window and awoke me from my glorious daydream. I looked at the time and class was almost over and my friend Kendall, who was sitting next to me, was finished with her assignment. I envied her focus and determination to finish the assignment in class, but I knew there was no way I could have done the assignment during that period, anyways now I had a good idea what I would write about for the assignment which I would be doing after school.